hehehe means Jejemon

hehehe means Jejemon

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A Jejemon (tl: /ˈdʒɛdʒɛmon/) is a type of person in the Philippines who makes the English language hard to read. The Philippine Daily Inquirer call them different but happy because of their language and clothes. The word Jejemon came from people who like to write “hehehe” as “jejeje” because “jeje” is Spanish for hehe due to the sound J makes in Spanish. “
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 · Etymology 1 [] The Hunmin Jeongeum Haerye, the treatise introducing the principles behind the Korean alphabet written by its inventor King Sejong in 1446, explains that this glyph was derived by adding a stroke to ㄱ (g) to represent aspiration. Pronunciation [] IPA (): /kʰ/
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One does not simply
Jun 3, 2014 – One does not simply | I made this edit! If your a Monkees fan, you’ll know what this means! Hehehe! XD
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3 Ways to Be Coy
 · You can be coy in many ways, whether it be in your romantic or everyday life. It can help you attract a man or find meaningful friendships. In romance, being coy is a time honored method for attracting men. Some women are coy by nature,
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It means a lot to me, so thank you for taking the time to give me a few virtual cuddles every now and then! Love you too Randy’s got a whole new life to get used to! Hehehe, wish him luck! (New Kid In School @ shackoutback.net) More to come soon! So I’ll
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377 Likes, 28 Comments – Mishka Jenkins (@seraphinitegames) on Instagram: “You’re making things awkward, Douglas Hehehe 😀 Finished Douglas’ branch of Chapter 9
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we can sure have fun lewd gaming too hehehe! Again, not to sound rude or anything, of course! Reply D Everything works out, though – the sign that’s in the game (A<B) means: A is smaller than B, or (like in the guide) B is bigger than A. Like, the
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Did you see my insane $2 deals I have this month since I’m the GingerScraps Spot Light Designer? All five packs are only $2 for the entire month. They each have a free template and they are FULL sized kits, too. If you love Cherry deals, this certainly is one of
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What a Legend! (0.4.01) by MagicNuts

Being designed as a sandbox means that eventually, you’ll be able to focus on whichever character you like (or several of them at the same time). If you need help with any of the story-lines, go to your tent, open the treasure chest and check the crystal ball for hints.
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Importing submodules from tensorflow.keras fails with …

You might see def foo which really means def _foo, or import sys which really means import sys as _sys. So, if you import random modules in tensorflow, you will have access to private symbols. We don’t want to support that, as it would be a large maintenance burden.
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5 Pearls on Hyponatremia Diagnostics
 · M: So what that means is when ADH is on, free water is being reabsorbed back into the body, leaving solute in the urine without water, making a spicy meatball… if you know what I mean. T: So basically the urine osm comes back high, you know ADH is on.
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hehehe yeah what does it mean. LOL Anonymous [email protected] tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-4536466682429434012.post-221256561674082829 2008-02-24T23:44:00.000+08:00 2008-02-24T23:44:00.000+08:00 Haan, Just that the other day I saw this sign call
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Oh please don’t tell me that “leversmak” means anything like “smacks of liver” . . . . Lorraine https://www.blogger.com/profile/08167478344092484661 [email protected]

Posts about English written by EnglishTips4U and Miss_qiak Hello hello, fellas! How many of you wishes to improve your English conversation? Today, fellas, we are having an interactive conversation session #EngConvo 😀 All you have to do is to continue the
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Memories/Daedalian Hymn
Strolling Through the Garden After starting A1 or C1. Near the Aegean Sea Littorio Ahhh~ The Aegean Sea, the cradle of Sardegna’s civilization. Truly a place that will fascinate you with its beauty again and again. Duca degli Abruzzi Well said. The shining sun and