stock 700r4 torque converter stall speed TH400

stock 700r4 torque converter stall speed TH400

B&M 70418 B&M Tork Master 2400 Torque Converter. 1984-96 GM 700R4/4L60/4L60E
TH400 Stock Stall
 · stall speed A stock THM 400 converter is about 1500-1600 around that Save Share Reply Crosley 700R4 Basics 700R4 Basics W/pics _ __ ___ Save Share Reply 3 38347 · Registered Joined Mar 15, 2006 · 31 Posts #6 • Apr 6, 2006 SO SORRY didnot
PATC Performance AOD Torque Converter. 2500 Stall Speed | eBay
Torque converter stall speed
 · I have a big block duster with a 727 running a stock torque converter (I can only brake torque it to about 1200-1400 rpm). I am looking at aftermarket converters and would like some input on stall speed. Here are my car/engine specs:-.030″ over 400 big block-9:1
700R4 Torque Converter 2400-2800 Stall Non Lockup -TC7002400
Stall Speed for Stock Torque Converter??
 · Years ago I had the TH350 rebuilt with a mild B&M shift kit, I asked about the torque converter installed at that time and the reply was, “stock”. Well now I wonder what that means. Mostly curious about the stall speed or if it’s a lock up. The ’79 has the original
B&M 70418 B&M Tork Master 2400 Torque Converter. 1984-96 GM 700R4/4L60/4L60E
Torque Converter Knowledge
Remember, the ratio is still a factor of the engine torque in the relevant range of the torque converter stall speed, i.e.: a converter with a multiplication ratio of 2.5:1 that stalls 3000 rpm will produce 500 ft.-lbs. of torque at the instance of full throttle acceleration if
3200-3500 Stall Torque Converter Turbo 400 TH-400 Trans Buick Chevy Olds Pontiac
Torque Converters
Torque converters We have a full line of Night Stocker (TM) High Stall Torque Converters. We also stock a full line of Night Stocker(TM) Billet triple lock Diesel torque converters. We either stock or can build almost any custom torque converter in our facility right here
B&M 70418 B&M Tork Master 2400 Torque Converter. 1984-96 GM 700R4/4L60/4L60E

Torque Converters: Oregon Performance Transmission

For many applications, we carry stock stall speed and high stall speed converters. Select your make and transmission model below to view what options OPT has for you. A new upgraded torque converter is especially important in the newer diesel trucks and towing applications.
B & M Automotive 70419 Torque Converter. Holeshot. 2400 RPM Stall. 30 Spline. TH700R4 / 4L60E. Each

Torque Converter Basics: How To Choose Correctly?

With a stock-type fuel pump and a Turbo 350 transmission, a good converter here would be a 2,000 to 2,200 stall converter. Let’s use that same Camaro, but swap the 350 cubic-inch engine for a 383 cubic-inch small-block, with a 10.5:1 compression ratio, a Comp Cams 292 camshaft, a 4.11 gear ratio, a high-performance fuel pump, and the same Turbo 350 transmission.
B&M 70422 B&M Traveler Torque Converter. 1984-93 GM 700R4/4L60/4L60E

Drag Test: TCI Streetfighter Torque Converter For New …

TCI’s Streetfighter torque converter is designed to give us up to a 1,500 RPM boost in stall speed over the stock converter to get us off the line quicker at the drag strip. However, one thing that stays the same is the internal lock-up which will keep our Camaro driving just like stock when we aren’t at …
B&M 70418 B&M Tork Master 2400 Torque Converter. 1984-96 GM 700R4/4L60/4L60E
What is the stock stall speed for a th350?
 · It was recomended to me that I get a 500-1000rpm higher stall then stock for my th350, so I was curious as to what stock was. I was assuming 800-1000. Also, on a mild enging driven for fun, is there going to be much difference in a torque converter that costs $
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How To Select The Right Torque Converter (W/ Pics & …

Stall speeds are a great way to rate torque converters performance level. The range level will tell you a lot about what to expect from the torque converter. In you select a 2700-3000 converter, it should be able to footbrake stall the torque converter to about 2700 200r4. 7004r. 4l60e. 1650 Stall Speed Torque Converter: Automotive
Torque Converters
Thus the 2000 stall converter will only stall at 1800 or less. However with this new cam the engine will make much more power above 3000 rpm. Keep in mind when the torque curve of the engine is raised you will need more stall speed in the converter to allow the …
B&M 70419 B&M Holeshot 2400 Torque Converter 1984-93 GM 700R4/4L60. 1993-97 4L60E
700R4 “Lock up” Torque converter
What did you use for a torque converter? I d like to use an aftermarket one with a higher stall speed. How about a “lock up” switch, what did you use? Surpsingly, I don’t see too many aftermarket “lock up” torque converters out there (Summit only lists one 01-08
B&M 70418 B&M Tork Master 2400 Torque Converter. 1984-96 GM 700R4/4L60/4L60E
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ACC 48402 12

4L60E 4L65E 300MM 98-up w/ Upgraded Internals Stock …

The part number ON the torque converter itself is 24206642, 24213393, 24214393, 24222971, 24222974, 24227088, 24227944, 24227948. The torque converter is brought back to or better than factory standards. Stock Stall Speed- if you haven’t made any

Stock 4l80e torque converter stall speed

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